Source: Rounding The Earth Author: Mathew Crawford

Interview, Part 1:


Here Dr. Peter McCullough, who has authored or co-authored 40 papers during the pandemic, gives an excellent walkthrough of the mistakes made during the pandemic that led to hundreds of thousands or millions of lives unnecessarily lost.

McCullough walks through a thorough (if basic) coverage of many drugs and nutraceuticals that have been effectively used around the world—the best single such coverage I’ve seen packed into one video.

At 105 minutes, this isn’t short and it gets emotional, but it’s very worth it. It may also be one of that handful of choice videos you’ll want to save and send to your friends who haven’t yet come to an understanding of how ugly all of this looks.

See part 2 of the interview, below:


But there are questions:

  • Was the virus lab made, or leaked? These controversies have entered a new stage.
  • Were any of the mistakes intentional? The levels of conflicts of interest at the highest levels of leadership are beyond what societies should tolerate.
  • How did we get to the point where even with good faith debates raging on one side, so many medical professionals could fail to understand such basic levels of logic that would quickly resolve these problems?
  • What will come of the medical journals that now look so compromised after publishing so much trash that may have destroyed so many lives?
  • Will there be any investigation of the mercenaries McCullough mentions who burned stocks of medicine and factories that made it? Why does the medical community not demand such an investigation? Why isn’t the Biden administration performing one?

The Chloroquine Wars: Part I

The Chloroquine Wars Part II

The Chloroquine Wars Part III

The Chloroquine Wars Part IV

The Chloroquine Wars Part V – A Closer Look at RCTs Studying Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy

The Chloroquine Wars Part VI – The Simple Logic of the Hydroxychloroquine Hypothesis

The Chloroquine Wars, Part VII – Why Did Dr. Anthony Fauci Leave Hydroxychloroquine Off the Early Pandemic Research Priority List?

The Chloroquine Wars Part VIII – Hydroxychloroquine’s Safety Profile and a Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Chloroquine Wars Part IX – How Research Can be Rigged by Statistically Stacking the Deck (A Simpson’s Paradox Tale)

The Chloroquine Wars Part X – A Discussion of the Insanity of the Chloroquine Wars

The Chloroquine Wars Part XI – See No Good, Hear No Good, Speak No Good

The Chloroquine Wars Part XII – Manufactured Fear During Hydroxychloroquine’s Trump Moment

The Chloroquine Wars Part XIII -A Clockwork Orange Man

The Chloroquine Wars Part XIV – How to Rig Research: Surgisphere Part I

The Chloroquine Wars Part XVII – Why the Story About India’s April COVID-19 Spike is All Wrong

The Chloroquine Wars Part XV – How to Rig Research: Surgisphere Part II

The Chloroquine Wars Part XIX – Historical Failures of Public Health Authorities

The Chloroquine Wars Part XX – Why The Early Treatment Data is Better Than Anyone Imagines

The Chloroquine Wars Part XXI

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