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The Hon. Craig Kelly MP, delivered a speech to Parliament on the current status of hydroxychloroquine restrictions in Australia. He referenced ‘late treatment’ studies that do not have relevance to the current restrictions in place, referenced to large numbers of observational studies of early treatment with positive hydroxychloquine efficacy from around the world, and put to Parliament that it is immoral to remove a doctor’s freedoms to prescribe it to a patient that has contracted Covid.

He acknowledged the “many brave doctors out there supporting this (early hydroxychloroquine treatment), and speaking out against a media group-think.”

Mr Kelly also requested that the National Covid Evidence Taskforce look at the evidence; to make separate recommendations for use of hydroxychloroquine as a prophylaxis and in the early stage of treatment for patients who have contracted Covid-19.

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Outsiders: Doctors, patients should be free to decide on whether to take hydroxychloroquine

HCQ actually does work! You read it here first: Australian Spectator

COVID SHEILD to trial hydroxychloroquine for healthcare worker prophylaxis in Australia

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