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Belgian study on hydroxychloroquine has just been published, on 8,000 patients, and concludes that hydroxychloroquine reduces mortality by 30%, like the Italian study mentioned in our article of August 4, 2020.

The results are edifying and it is surprising that the Scientific Council, the Ministry of Health and the French media do not talk about it more.

Hydroxychloroquine has shown a decrease in mortality from COVID-19, in a proportion of patients similar to that seen in the Italian study, according to a Belgian national analysis published today in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. 

The study is retrospective and of course has several limitations. However, associated with the Iacoviello study, it is starting to build up an important core of data on a large number of patients. 

The effects of hydroxychloroquine are of course limited because, after decades of HIV / AIDS research, the use of a single drug cannot be considered a definitive solution for an illness caused by an RNA virus. Combinations of drugs are needed. 

In this regard, another study published today by the same journal showed the additive effects of azithromycin to a combination of hydroxychloroquine and an HIV protease inhibitor, thus confirming Raoult’s studies. 

Combinations of hydroxychloroquine and the HIV protease inhibitor lopinavir / r are recommended by Chinese guidelines for COVID-19 treatment but have been largely ignored by Western countries, with the exception of Italy, where this association was first encouraged in the guidelines last February but then discouraged by the Italian drug regulatory agency for rather mysterious reasons. Dr. Savarino will express his thoughts on this subject, as they were first recommended in the guidelines of last February, but then discouraged by the Italian Medicines Regulatory Agency (AIFA) for reasons which remain unexplained to date.


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