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Despite some questioning of the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in patients with coronavirus, by some studies, the drug will continue to be used in that country, said the executive president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), Román Macaya.

The official defended the use that occurs in the country of the drug, which is applied under special conditions, which generates greater safety in its use.

“In the context of COVID-19 patients, the case is first analyzed to see if that person does not have other diseases that are contraindicated for the use of hydroxychloroquine. In cases where they do not exist, they are offered to the patient and followed up daily by family doctors. 

We are giving this (hydroxychloroquine) in an outpatient setting, in a newly diagnosed patient, quite healthy, sometimes asymptomatic, “said Macaya.

Likewise, the president of the CCSS assured that the studies carried out so far are carried out in a different context from that of the country, so he rules out that it may affect local patients receiving the treatment.

“The (other) studies that have been published worldwide practically all are with hospitalized patients. Those patients were already complicated, and even more so if they entered an intensive care unit. When they are already at that level of complication, the clinical approach is usually not to fight the virus, but rather the consequences that it has already triggered. ”

Román Macaya

Macaya used the hospitalization figures in the country for COVID-19 cases to reinforce the possibility that hydroxychloroquine is effective.

In addition, he assured that “another situation is that, if we see the numbers that are occurring in Costa Rica and compare them internationally, our numbers are lower. We cannot say that it is because of the use of this medicine, but we cannot rule it out either. ”

“There are reasons to continue studying this drug, especially in an early context, newly diagnosed, and following all the guidelines of not prescribing it to people with contraindications,” he added.

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