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“In the early stages, the effect of Ivermectin is fantastic. I have given this medicine in our country to 300 people in the first five days of coronavirus infection. Then it is drunk twice a day. Taking this drug reduces mortality in severe cases from 80 to 40%, “said Dr. Chavdar Botev, a specialist in transfusion hematology, one of the founders of the Association for the treatment of convalescent plasma, in an interview with . 

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Dr. Botev, the benefits of the drug “Ivermectin” in the fight against COVID-19 was the subject of a hearing in the US Senate. It was talked about in our country in the summer. In how many countries is this medicine used and does it solve the problem of the severe course of the disease?

The benefits of the drug “Ivermectin”, which spoke before the Senate, the famous doctor Pierre Kory. In the United States, the idea of ​​the debate was to create a structure that would change the purpose of the drug. And I’m sure that will happen at a later stage, because now there is a problem. Wealthy people have invested in vaccines and expensive drugs and will not allow themselves to lose money by recognizing a significantly more affordable product.

On December 7 this year data came out from Argentina that ivermectin was taken by 800 first-line doctors. None of them have contracted COVID-19. Prophylactically, such a drug is given to people who live with patients with Covid-19. If one becomes ill, the other is given Ivermectin. Only 7% became very ill because they were already infected when they started taking it. 

In the early stages, the effect of this drug is fantastic. I have given this medicine to 300 people in our country in the first five days of the virus infection. Then it is drunk twice a day. Taking this drug reduces mortality in severe cases from 80 to 40%.

At what stage of the disease is it most effective?

It is given at all stages, but if people use it prophylactically and take it correctly, they will not have any problem. With regard to the drug, it should be emphasized that it was developed by a serious company and is used in all veterinary fields because it saves animals. It is suitable for humans, 4 billion people in the world have taken it and it is one of the safest medicines. So far, it has not been given to children with scabies against COVID-19. The side effect was mild diarrhea, which occurred in 2% of cases. 

Ivermectin is given in many countries in Latin America, Africa, as well as in countries such as Israel, where there is good intelligence. They used it and solved their problem. It can be said to be used all over the world. 

In our country, leading doctors such as Prof. Ivo Petrov, as well as others, talk about the benefits of it, but opposition to this drug comes mainly from companies that offer more expensive drugs

However, they cannot stop this search process because there is a veterinary product that costs pennies, is of super quality and is made in the Netherlands. It is used to treat coronavirus, as I have already said, especially in Latin America. This medicine is made from bacteria that have existed for billions of years and are compatible with humans. One of the reasons some people around the world do not get COVID-19 is because they have this bacterium in their gut, it makes the medicine and they are protected. The bacterium does not kill viruses, but blocks a protein that is used to get viruses into the cell. Children do not get sick because they do not have receptors with which viruses can bind and put this protein into the cell. This bacterium paralyzes the parasites. 

It is a matter of political desire for this product to be allowed in Bulgaria for medicinal use. And we are fighting for that to happen. Ivermectin is listed by the WHO as one of the most important drugs, and we have not even registered it in Bulgaria. The research pharmacy in Sofia, which offers it, is under a different regime and has the right to sell it.

How many people in our country take this medicine prophylactically?

I drink it, like many people in our country. When taken prophylactically, the whole epidemic will stop and it will not have any side effects that harm. On the contrary – the effect will be positive. The parasites in the body will be destroyed, because each of us can have them.  

Can this medicine be bought in our country or do people have to organize “health trips” to other countries?

There is a pharmacy in Sofia, which is a research and is at the Ministry of Health. There you can buy it with a prescription. There are districts in Bulgaria that bought this medicine, gave it to their hospitals, informed people about it and there the deaths from COVID-19 stopped. Nearly 60,000 people in our country are supported by this pharmacy.

Why are these data not officially announced?

I guess the reason is, as I said, complex. There are global economic interests for which it is important to launch more expensive drugs. These accounts are already confused because many countries are using this drug and fixing their problems. It is important to say that I support the vaccines and will get vaccinated, but I will do it in a month or two, when the better vaccines are expected to appear, because some of those that are now actively talked about are not clear side effects. Declarations cannot be signed that companies are not responsible for such side effects.

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