Source: The West Bend News

The Antwerp Rotary Club met on Thursday, September 17 at the VFW post #5087. After the formalities of the Rotarian meeting, Randy and Pam Daeger spoke about their experiences with COVID. Randy and Pam were cases 2 and 3 in Paulding County. They said their experiences were very different from each other and they aren’t quite sure what their point of contact was.

One evening in April they drove home from Toledo and Pam started feeling bad. The next day Randy had a fever, but didn’t feel that bad. Pam was taken to Parkview and put in isolation and given oxygen. Her and Randy were both tested and came back positive. 

Pam and Randy were separated at that point and Pam was very stressed with not being able to see people in her hour of need, “I don’t want to die alone”, she pleaded with Randy.

The hospital immediately started her on Hydroxychloroquine. With family and friends praying for her, in six days she began to recover and was sent home with two more doses of the drug.

She still had some breathing issues and she said that you really do lose your sense of taste! She especially appreciates all the work Janet Zeedyk, PA, Paulding County Hospital, did for her.

Though, the COVID-19 wasn’t bad for Randy, it certainly was for Pam. They want to remind everyone to take extra precautions to protect yourself and those around you. 

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France: Natural history of COVID-19 and therapeutic options (hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc may represent the best current theraputic option)


Ghana: “HCQ and AZ associated with viral clearance in COVID-19 patients.” Clinical characteristics, treatment regimen and duration of hospitalization among COVID-19 patients in Ghana: a retrospective cohort study update: Now 88 international studies (51 peer reviewed) show positive hydroxychloroquine treatment outcomes

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