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Informed doctors know it works, and can save lives – and 5,000 doctors in Philippines have just spoken out. But in Australia, given that Labor’s Health Spokesmen Chris Bowen disgracefully used parliamentary privilege to vilified and defame doctors that have spoken up on HCQ – Australian doctors are too frightened to speak out. And brutal dictators like Dan Andrews are happy to prevent doctors from prescribing Hydroxychloroquine to Victorians, because this would enable the lockdowns to be lifted – as the 5,000 Flilipino doctors state – as deranged megalomaniac is having too much fun brutalising Victorians and destroying small independent businesses. The continued denial of Australian’s freedom to have their doctor prescribe them HCQ – because a few government health bureaucrats think they know better – is one of the most catastrophic & costly errors (in terms of lives lost, pain & suffering and economic damage) in nation’s history. All those involved have blood on their hands.…/doctors-group-seeks-end-all…

MANILA, Philippines — A group of doctors and concerned citizens yesterday pressed for the immediate lifting of lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 nationwide.

The 5,000 members of the Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines (CDCph) led by former health secretary Jaime Galvez-Tan called on President Duterte to adopt a national protocol for the prophylaxis and early treatment of COVID-19 as an alternative to community quarantines.

“We proposed to the President for the Philippines to adopt a national protocol for the prophylaxis and early treatment of COVID-19 that aims to reduce hospitalization and prevent loss of lives,” the CDCph said in a unity statement read by Galvez-Tan during the launching of the “#Flatten the Fear” campaign.

Galvez-Tan said the implementation of a national protocol for early treatment of COVID is an effective, safe, inexpensive and science-based solution to address the pandemic in the country.

“With this solution in mind, we appeal to the President to lift all lockdowns,” he added.

Galvez-Tan said the government should focus its efforts on early treatment and home quarantine for most patients and prophylaxis for high risk individuals such as frontliners under the proposed plan.

Dr. Edwin Bien said anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) could be given as prophylaxis to prevent COVID infection.

He said hydroxychloroquine is safe if given in correct dosage upon consultation with doctors.

Due to safety concerns, the World Health Organization (WHO) has suspended the clinical trial for HCQ as possible treatment for COVID-19.

“There were concerns that it can cause heart abnormality but I have been using and prescribing this drug to my patients and we are doing fine,” Bien said, citing studies showing the adverse effects were due to over dosage.

Other doctors presented data indicating low death rate among COVID patients from countries with access to HCQ. Separate studies have also shown full benefit with early intervention or when treatment is given during the first five days of infection. Hospitalization rate is lower for those treated early.

Geriatric doctor Homer Lim said even without HCQ, early intervention can help reduce the number of people being hospitalized due to moderate and severe COVID infection.

Lim said daily dosage of vitamins D and C can boost the immune system and thus prevent replication of virus when it enters the body.

“Lower Vitamin D level has higher chance of testing positive for COVID and developing severe or critical infection,” he noted.

Galvez -Tan said their group is willing to sit down with the Inter-Agency Task Force to go over the suggested protocol.

With the adoption of the program, Galvez said government will no longer have to choose between saving the economy or saving the lives of Filipinos.

NB : The chances of the ABC reporting this story?

Pigs might fly – and that’s why the ABC should be defunded – because they don’t report the truth. HCQ has become ‘politically incorrect’ for the far left side of politics, so the ABC won’t report these stories.


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