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TrialSite hosted the first international Ivermectin for Covid Summit webinar on Sunday, May 23rd 2021. The event was widely attended with medical experts presenting from around the world to a global audience of interested parties in the thousands. The event was simultaneously broadcast live on YouTube.

With a mission to bring transparency and accessibility to clinical research TrialSite continues to track repurposed drugs as a potential option for COVID-19 along with vaccines, novel therapeutics and other measures.


1st International Ivermectin for Covid Summit – Part 1

  • Introduction of speakers
  • Introduction – Dr. Martin Gill (2:00)
  • Welcome – Daniel O’Connor (5:37)
  • Ivermectin use in Zimbabwe – Dr. Jackie Stone (9:20)
  • Introduction to Dr. Sabine Hazan (22:50)
  • Early to treat, early to cure – Dr. Sabine Hazan (26:10)
  • Introduction to Dr. David Scheim (36:45)
  • Ivermectin for COVID-19 treatment in Peru – Dr. David Scheim (37:40)
  • Introduction to Dr. Jennifer Hibberd (50:00)
  • World data – Dr. Jennifer Hibberd (51:00)
  • Introduction to Dr. Lucy Kerr (1:03:00)
  • Ivermectin as a prophylaxis and treatment – Dr. Lucy Kerr (1:05:22)


  • Introduction to Dr. Kylie M. Wagstaff (1:17:30)
  • In-vitro investigations of Ivermectin – Dr. Kylie M. Wagstaff (1:18:30)
  • Introduction to Dr. Tess Lawrie (1:34:25)
  • Sharing evidence on Ivermectin – Dr. Tess Lawrie (1:47:52)
  • Questions to the panel (1:48:20)
  • Closing keynote – Dr. Colleen Aldous

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