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A caravan of doctors from all over the country is in Brasilia to order hydroxychloroquine in popular pharmacies and met with President Jair Bolsonaro late this morning.

The group of 100 doctors of various specialties, all from the front line of the Covid-19 treatment, decided to appeal directly to the President of the Republic for the release of the drug in the network of popular pharmacies, because SUS patients who want to use the drug are not managing to do early treatment for lack of medication. Not even those willing to pay can find hydroxychloroquine for sale.

The doctors who are in Brasília are from all states and represent around 10,000 professionals adhering to the protocol suggested by the Ministry of Health. All claim to have drastically reduced the rates of hospitalization and deaths among patients taking hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin and zinc the first five days of symptoms.

According to them, patients are followed up daily and there is not a single recorded case of death or even cardiac arrhythmia or other side effects caused by the use of the drugs. Despite the negative campaign against hydroxychloroquine, doctors say that the demand for the drug has increased a lot, because most patients want to be treated early, but the drug is gone from pharmacies.

Doctors Against Covid-19 Movement

Since March, when the first studies with good results on the use of hydroxychloroquine in patients in the early stage of the disease appeared , doctors who adhered to early treatment began to form WhatsApp groups to exchange experiences. They also organized themselves into national groups that today, together, reach the almost 10,000 doctors mentioned above.

It is an immense network of mutual support and exchange of clinical experiences, which also organizes medical debates on YouTube and social networks. Right here in this column I have already gathered seven of the more than 300 doctors from Paraná who treat patients with hydroxychloroquine in a virtual conversation about the results they were getting.

Like colleagues in other states connected to the network called Doctors Against Covid-19, they advise those with suspected coronavirus contamination not to wait for symptoms to get worse to seek medical help and start treatment soon.

It was through this intense mobilization that, weeks ago, they started to organize their trip to Brasília. The caravan initially planned had 1,000 subscribers, but due to the ban on agglomerations in the federal capital, only the administrators of WhatsApp groups chose to meet the president.

Among those present are immunologist Nise Yamagushi and anesthesiologist Luciana Cruz (São Paulo); the intensive care physician Cássio Prado, mayor of Porto Feliz-SP, the first municipal manager to adopt the protocol of the Ministry of Health; fire doctor Pedromar Valadares Melo (Macapá-AP), responsible for Civil Defense and the anti-Covid Committee of the state of Amapá; and infectologist Valéria Brilhante (Belém-PA), director of Unimed Belém.

Unimed de Belém became a national reference after Dr. Vânia Brilhante released the graphics of the beginning of May, when the health operator left the collapse (with ICUs, wards and corridors crowded in the service units) and managed to zero the number of hospitalizations one week after starting the distribution of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc to all patients who sought medical attention with mild flu symptoms.

Open letter to the president

The doctors delivered an open letter to the president requesting that medicines be made available in popular pharmacies at around 11 am. This afternoon they intend to go to the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to deliver a document also to the presidents of the Chamber, Rodrigo Maia; Senate, Davi Alcolumbre and STF, Dias Toffolli.

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